The Airship can provide you with many boosts. In this guide we will explain how to develop your Airship and how to benefit from a strong Airship.

Misty Continent Airship

12/01/2022 - -

Explaining the Airship in Misty Continent, how to improve them and how to get the necessary ingredients.

The Basics

When your Airship accompanies your march you get extra benefits from the Airship. In this guide the benefits are explained and we will explain how to improve your Airship.

Improving Your Airship

Upgrading any part of the Airship is done in the Airship Dock building.

The Airship itself has a level, which can be increased if all 4 of the elements of the Airship are increased to a certain level (each 10 levels for the elements unlocks another level for the Airship). The level of the Airship improves the Cannon Volley ability, especially useful against computer opposition.

The Airship consists of 4 elements, the Envelope, Engine, Hull and Cannon. Each of these can be upgraded with Precision Parts and Refinement Scrolls. Upgrading these has some direct benefit (March Capacity and Troop Attack, Defense and Health), but as described in the previous paragraph also unlocks new levels for the Airship itself, and unlocks new skills. The Precision Parts are relatively easy to come by (for example purchase in the Catacombs Trader. The Refinement Scrolls a bit harder. You can also purchase chests with them in the Catacombs Trader, and get them by upgrading the Airship Dock building.

The elements each have 4 skills. The first one for each has only benefits agains Threats and Undead camps. The others have general combat benefits, but are only unlocked when the corresponding element reaches level 40 or 50. These skills are upgraded in level whenever the corresponding element reaches a next 10 level (at 10, 20, 30 ...). Besides that, you can also increase the star level to increase the benefit. This can be done with Intensity Gear. You need a specific Intensity Gear for each star level, but you can synthesize 5 intensity gear of one level into 1 of the next level. By clicking on a skill and clicking the + button next to the star level you can upgrade to the next star level (requires 10 intensity gear), but you can also reset which gives you back all intensity gear used.

Garrison Mercenary Airship

A well developed airship can give you quite some extra benefits, but only if it is accompanying your troops. To not get caught at home without the benefits of the Airship, starting from VIP level 6 you have a Garrison Mercenary Airship, which provides you with your Airship benefits when attacked at home, even if your Airship is not at home.

At VIP 11 you get an Airship Phantom. I have not unlocked this yet, so not sure, but assume this means that you have Airship benefits on a second march as well.

Benefits and Focus

Some of the benefits of the skills are very useful for combat, such as the Damage and Damage received buffs. They are however only unlocked once you get your elements to lvl 40. Suggest to work towards it slowly and keep collecting the necessary ingredients (intensity crystal, precision parts and refinement scrolls) from the start whenever you can. Having a large amount of intensty crystal greatly improves the benefits of the skills, once you can unlock them.

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