The Creation is an almost stand alone feature within Misty Continent: Cursed Island, which does have some benefits on the main functionality.

Misty Continent Creation and Ancient Tombs

11/14/2022 - -

Explanation of the Creation and Ancient Tombs in Misty Continent.

Creation and Ancient Tombs Basics

At a certain Stronghold level (i think it was around 9 or 10) you unlock the Ancient Tombs building and you can activate your Creation. Once you have invoked the Creation the Ancient Tombs become available as well. The Ancient Tombs are a menu within the Ancient Tombs building that allow you to battle monster and collect Ancient Coins and some other rewards.

Going inside the Ancient Tombs costs Creation Stamina, which auto-replenishes over time.

Creation XP Levels and Talent Points

Just like your Lord and Airhship the Creation also has its own XP Levels. Leveling up your Creation will give you Creation Talent Points, which can be used to assign to Creation Talents (similar as the Lord Talent Points are used for the Lord Talents). Before entering the Ancient Tombs, make sure to assign any available Talent Points.

There are 3 different trees for talent points, Brutal, Warrior and Explosive. There is a lot of overlap, but it is best to make a clear choice from the start which tree to focus on. Based on my experience with similar games from the same maker, I suggest to focus on Warrior. Later during the discussion of Creation Equipment I will mention more about the focus.

You need to max out a project before you can go to the next. At various nodes you can chose two paths. The lower paths is often focussing on Satchel Capacity and Satchel slots, which are not so relevant (mostly a remnant of an earlier version of this mini game in another game), so I suggest to mostly take the top branches.

The main focus should first be to get as far as possible in the Ancient Tombs. Once you have reached the last chapter you can opt to chose talent projects that improve your overall stats (e.g. Troop and Infantry) instead of your Creation.

Creation Skills

Increasing your Creation XP Levels also automatically unlocks and improves Creation Skills. The Creation Skills are divided into Tiers. Each Tier has a maximum level assigned with it and the Creation Skills within that Tier keep improving their value with each Creation XP Level Upgrade until the maximum level is reached. Each Creation Skill also has a Creation XP Level associated with it that unlocks it.

Creation Equipment

Similar as for the Lord in the Forge you can make Equipment for your Creation in the Ancient Tombs building. There are 5 tiers of equipment, and the further you get in the Ancient Tombs, the higher tier equipment fragments will drop.

The first tier of equipment doesn't have any focus, but the other tiers all have variation for Brutal, Warrior and Explosive. It is important to have the same focus for equipment as for your talent points, as certain talent point projects will increase the benefit of your gear.

You can dismantle gear if you don't need it anymore. Do so, because you will need the materials again for higher level gear.

You will need extra scrolls to enhance equipment to higher levels.


When exploring the rooms in the Ancient Tombs you have a chance to receive Crests. These Crests can be embedded to your equipment and provide you with extra benefits. Check regularly if you have any new crests and embed them.

Crests have colors and crest slots in your equipment also have colors. You can only embed if they match. If you cannot use a crest to embed (or all your slots are already full), you can use the remaining crests to enhance other crests.

Creation Research Category

There is a special research category called Creation that gives boosts relevant for your Creation and the Ancient Tombs game. Especially at the lower levels the research projects seem relatively cheap wrt resource and time requirements and might be worthwhile to make some extra progress faster.

In this research category there are no dependencies between projects, so you can just start researching any of the 6 research projects that you might find useful. As mentioned earlier, I don't see benefit from Satchel Capacity and Satchel Slots. The Ancient Tombs Stamina Limit is good to increase, so that even if you are offline for long time, no (or less) stamina goes to waste. Creation Defense, Health and Attack improve the corresponding aspects of your Creation with a percentage.


The VIP level can provide you with various boosts for the Creation as well. For example you can get more attempts per level, and you unlock some skills to go through rooms faster.


Lot of preparation/background info, now finally we look at the Ancient Tombs. You can access it via the Ancient Tombs menu in the Ancient Tombs building.

You can select a level to explore. The small round levels you can only explore once, the large round levels you can explore a number of times each day. Once you have explored them once, the next time you can automatically plunder them to just get the rewards without having to do the actual work.

Exploring a level costs 6 stamina, whether you succeed or fail. If you fail, you don't get rewards, so make sure to not waste stamina by retrying and failing at levels that are too difficult.

In the Catacombs your Creation has a green Health bar and a Blue Mana bar. Once the Health bar reaches zero during a battle you have failed that level. The mana is used to activate talents, which availability depends on the assigned talent points.

At the right top you see a Floor map with the rooms you have explored so far. You can move around by clicking on the green arrows. With higher VIP levels you get the option to just click on a room and directly jump there.

Some of the Rooms will have monsters and/or chests in them. You start a fight by tapping once, and if there are multiple monsters you can tap to select which one should be attacked first. You can also open a chest by tapping once. The exit room of the level always contains 3 monsters. If you can beat these, you have completed the level. In case you do so without having explored all rooms you get an option to continue exploring (by clicking the Yes button).

The mazes are not completely random. There are always 6 steps to go from the start to the exit, you will always encounter two monsters from start to exit (before encountering the 3 monsters in the final room), and there is always exactly one path to get somewhere. Using this knowledge you often can make a choice to get to the final room faster, but it is typically good to explore all rooms anyway.


By exploring levels you get rewards. There are basically two category of rewards. One category is items which will help you develop your creation further, such as creation equipment scroll fragments, creation materials, crests. The other is items which have some general use for you, such as resources and speed ups, but most important in these category are the Ancient Coins that can be used to purchase items from the Catacomb Trader.

The Catacomb Trader can be accessed via the small shop icon next to the number of ancient coins at the left top of the Ancient Tombs view. The items available in this shop depend on the highest level you have explored so far, but contain general useful items such as resources, but also harder to get items such as Refinement Scroll Chests with items necessary to upgrade your Airship skills.


This guide should help as a basic explanation for functionality of the Creation and the Ancient Tombs.

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