During a lot of different ways of combat troops get wounded instead of dying. This guide explains the basics and gives tips on how to best heal and prevent troops from dying.

Misty Continent Hospital and Sanctuary

11/16/2022 - -

Explanation of the Hospitals and Sanctuary in Misty Continent.

When do troops get Wounded?

I might have missed a situation, but I think only when you attack another player in his settlement will part of your troops be killed, in all other situations (e.g. if you are attacked in your settlement, if you attack/defend on a resource tile) your troops will get injured first and only die if you don't have enough hospital capacity.

When you attack another settlement or estate, your Battlefield Treatment percentage (including the Life Preserver talent) determines a percentage of your killed troops that become seriously injured instead.

When for example attacking Threats around 2% if your wounded will be Seriously Injured (need to be healed in hospital) the rest only has a Minor Injury which does not require healing (automatically healed by the time they get home).

Hospital Capacity

Hospital Capacity is very important, the higher it is the more troops can get seriously injured before they start dying. Upgrading your Hospitals to an as high level as possible is an important step, but do not forget about the Hospital Capacity in the Development Research Category either: a significant extra capacity can be created by research. In addition you can get small amounts via the Hospital Capacity projects in the Balance Talent Tree, but this might only be interesting once you first have enough points to max out your complete War talent tree.

Retraining troops is very expensive (timewise) compared to healing them, so always make sure before attacking whether you still have enough hospital capacity to cover your losses. Always assume the worst, loss of a complete march.

Healing Speed

The healing speed boost is important for the speed with which you can heal troops. There are two main ways to get a high healing speed. One is via the Fast Heal research projects in the Development Research Category, the other the Healing Speed projects in the Balance Talent Tree. If you have to heal significant amounts of troops, and you are not in the middle of battle, it might be worth it to switch your talent tree to Balance, take the bottom path, that is where all the Healing Speed projects are.

In the Balance Talent tree there is also a 10% Instant Healing talent. This might also be useful in case you need to heal large amount of troops and the required resources are lacking.

Using Alliance Helps

In case the required resources to heal are no problem, but the time is, you can consider using the alliance helps to heal large amounts of troops faster. For example if you get 1 minute off a timer per help, and 10 of your alliance mates are online, you can heal 10 minutes worth of troops, quickly get the 10 helps from your alliance, and start the next 10 minutes of healing.


What happens if you have more seriously injured than the available hospital capacity? If this happens part of the excess seriously injured will die, but most will end up in your Sanctuary building. Until the Sanctuary also has reached full capacity, at that moment all additional seriously injured will die.

The capacity of your Sanctuary is 4 times your Hospital Capacity, so this is another reason to keep increasing your hospital capacity.

How many of the excess seriously injured will die can be influenced with the Wounded Conversion percentage. This percentage is increased by 10% at VIP 10 and can be increased further if you purchase a subscription.

To heal troops from the Sanctuary, you will need Holy Water. Once there are troops in the Sanctuary you will start collecting Holy Water automatically. By doing daily rewards, gathering resources and harvesting resources in your estate you get extra Holy Water.

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