Forging equipment for your Lord can give you useful boosts for both combat (attack, defense, health) and economy (like Gathering Speed, Construction and Research Speed).

Misty Continent Forging Equipment

12/24/2022 - -

Explaining everything about forging equipment in Misty Continent.

Explaining the Basics

In the Forge building you can craft equipment for your Lord. Each equipment piece you can potentially manufacture requires Scrolls, Steel and Crimson Gold.


There are different type of scrolls, Basic Battle Scrolls (necessary for the Private, Lieutenant and Duelist Sets), Demon Hunter Scrolls (for the Demon Hunter Set) and Basic Development Scrolls (or Ingot) for the Harvest Set.

According to the in-game info you can get Basic Development Ingot by defeating Threats and Demon Hunter Scrolls by defeating Undead Army Camps. So far I haven't received a single one of either and I am not sure why this is. Could be these only drop once a certain condition is met (higher level Camps/Threats, or starting from a certain Stronghold level) or the info could be wrong.

The Basic Battle Scrolls do drop from Threats and are foundn in the chests you get from defeating the Undead Army Camps.


You get small amounts of steel from killing Threats and from the chests you get when eliminating Undead Army Camps. In addition you can also purchase some daily from the Mining Loot store.

Note that the required amount of steel is reduced when you upgrade the Forge building further.

Crimson Gold

Crimson Gold is the thing I am always lowest on. You also get some from the chests when eliminating Undead Army Camps and you can purchase some from the Mining Loot.


The Forge building is where you can craft (and enhance) your equipment. When selecting the Armory menu you see a list of sets in the Battle tab, and you can switch to the Economy tab for the Harvest set at the top. You can select a set and click on a piece to craft it (or see what you still need).

Note that when going from Private to Lieutenant to Duelist you each time basically need more of the same ingredients. It will be helpful to dismantle one piece to be able to craft the corresponding piece from the higher level set faster, especially if you have already enhanced a lower level piece.


When you select an equipped piece in the Forge, you will see an Enhancement menu at the top of the screen. Here you can Enhance a piece (or see what you need to enhance it). The requirements are more of the same.

Different Equipment for Different Activities

There is only one non-combat set which is the Harvest Set that can be found in the Economy section. This gives boosts in Threat March Speed, Research Speed, Construction Speed, Trading Capacity, Storage Protection, Magic Crystal, Stone and Food Production, Troop Load, Magic Crystal, Stone and Food Gathering and Troop Upkeep. When you reach VIP 3 you get a Quick Equip Slot that allows you to make a preset of equipment allowing you to switch with one click between your combat and economy gear from your Lord Profile.

Note that at VIP 9 there is another quick equip slot added, but with the current available equipment sets that is not yet useful.


I suggest for now just focus on getting the highest level combat gear you can. Make sure to check out regularly whether dismantling will allow you to craft something better. For Duelist there is some benefit of having 2/4/6 pieces, which benefit is further increased if you enhance all your pieces.

Newer Sets

When you go to your Lord Profile and click on the (i) button above your equipment you get some interesting info of what is ahead, and about set and resonance boosts. If you click on the (i) netx to Royal Academy Benefits there are 8 (!) sets listed not yet available, which give a huge (108%) Army Damage and Army Damage Received Reduction boosts.


There is also a Gemstones menu in the Forge building. Gemstones will be added in a couple of days. Normally these can be attached to equipment pieces and give powerful extra boosts.

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