There is a recurring Treasure Blitz Event that you can focus on to get rewards. This guide provides information relevant for doing well in the Threat Elimination Stage.

How to Kill Threats

The map contains many threats of different levels. By sending out a march to these threats you can kill them. It is not a sure thing, if you are not strong enough you can be defeated by a threat and if you kill it some troops might get injured.


Points are acquired based on the level of the killed threats.

Note that on a new server higher levels threats will be gradually introduced, so early on you will not be able to find the higher levels.

Ability to Kill High Level Threats

So far I have build up my strength much faster than that higher level threats are introduced in the kingdom. Just keep training troops to have a full march, and keep improving your stats and troop tiers, and I expect you should not have a problem killing any threat that is available.

Stamina Recovery Speed

Specifically for this event stage, but also in general, having high stamina recovery speed is very beneficial. In general using stamina to kill threats and rally undead camps is a fast way to get rewards. For this event specifically having a faster stamina recovery allows you to kill more threats during the day, and get more points.

You can increase the Stamina Recovery Speed in the following ways:

Starting at VIP 2 you get a stamina recovery boost of 10%, this increases in few steps to 30%.

In the Development research category there are two Stamina Recovery projects. These projects are some of the first ones I research when I do an Academy upgrade.

The Balance talent tree also contains some useful projects. Early on I am not a fan of the Balance tree, I feel Economy is much more useful, and it is too expensive and cumbersome to switch, but later on in the game, when you have developed your account further and you are no longer non stop doing construction and research (and you have unlocked the quick talent switch) using one of your talent tree presets for Balance is my preference. In the Balance tree there are 2 Stamina Recovery projects and one talent that gives a stamina reduction for killing threats of 20% for a period of 10 minutes.

Beginner's Tips

Make sure you start saving up your Stamina so that you can start the event with 500 stamina points.

Start killing the highest possible level threats when the event starts.

Let your stamina regenerate and make sure you kill threats again before it reaches 500.

Check if you have any stamina items and consider using them if they help you reach the point rewards and rank high.

Make sure you use up all your stamina again just before the event ends.

Starting with 500+ Stamina

Although your stamina recovers only up till 500 points it is possible to still get more stamina points. The method here is easier to use in other games. Since the maximum rally time in this game is only 30 minutes, it is less more cumbersome.

The idea is to set rallies that are bound to fail (e.g. use only 1 troop) on undead camps very far away. For failed rallies you will get back your stamina, and as long as your troops are not yet back your stamina is below 500 and you still regenerate.

In theory this means with for example 3 marches, by constantly sending out all 3 marches on undead camp rallies you can reach a total of 800 stamina.

Note: I haven't tried this, but expect it will work based on other games from the same maker. I personally find it too much effort.

Point Targets Too High

The point targets for this stage of the event are way too high. Maybe the game maker did not take into consideration that the higher level threats are not available yet. Even with starting with a full bar I am unlikely to get further than the 2nd point target, if I even reach that. Hopefully it becomes easier as higher level threats become available.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the rewards of the Threat Elimination Stage of the Treasure Blitz Event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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