You will soon realize after completing stronghold 16 in Misty Continent: Cursed Island that further building upgrades require increasing amounts of silver, making silver the main bottleneck to develop your account further. In this guide we will describe the different ways to get silver.

Misty Continent Getting Silver

12/05/2022 - -

Differerent ways to get Silver in Misty Continent.


Gathering is still a relatively fast way to get silver. Some things can help you gather more.

Make sure your alliance has an Alliance Silver mine. Here you gather faster and you can gather with a large amount of troops to gather more when you are offline.

Unlock more march slots, via Combat Research and VIP. Having 5 instead of 3 marches gathering silver makes a large difference.

Increase the silver gathering rate via research and lord talent points. Also consider using a gathering boost item daily.

The higher level resource tiles are located in the center of the map, make sure you are in an alliance that is close to the center to have access to the higher level resource tiles.


In my experience doesn't give as much as gathering, but still nice bit of extra silver. Some thing you can do to produce more silver.

Build and upgrade all silver mines to the maximum level.

Increase the silver production via research and lord talent points. Also use the Instant Yield talent whenever you can.

Consider purchasing 24 silver mine boosts (from e.g. Alliance Store or Catacombs TRader) to increase the silver production for one of your mines.

Purchase Daily from Catacombs Trader

In the Catacombs Trader shop you can purchase some silver daily. It is not much compared to some similar games I have played, but it is a bit extra. Develop your Creation further so you can complete Floor 8 to purchase the maximum.

Exchange in the Market Stall

Assuming you have enough food and magic crystal using the exchanges in the market place can be quite beneficial. I daily do the first 6 refreshes (stop once the cost go to 100 gold) to do resource trades. I typically do all resource trades, but really happy if I get some silver ones. Nice benefit is you get safe resource items from the trade, rather than the unsafe open resources.

Get Silver from Munitions Exchange

From the Munitions Exchange you can select a resource to trade your unused weapon parts, I always chose silver. Upgrade the Munitions Exchange whenever you can to get more resources and more exchanges.

Farm Account

Even when you use all these methods, silver will be the main issue. If you have enough time, consider making one or more farm accounts. The goal of a farm account is to provide resources for your main. Focus in your farm account via all above methods also to get silver, but instead of using it, attack the farm account with your main the get the much needed silver.


I haven't seen any yet for silver, but always keep an eye out for any events that might give the rewards you need.

Attacking Other Players

Attacking other players for silver is also an option, but since I am never the biggest fish in the pond I tend not to go for this method.

Purchase with Gold or Money

As a last resort you can purchase silver from the gold store or by buying silver packs. This is rather expensive, but only way if you can't be patient.

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