There are two ways to protect yourself. Shield or fake rally.


Using a shield gives the best protection in the sense that while the shield is active, there are no ways to be attacked. 8 Hours Shields can be purchased in the Alliance store, 8 hour, 24 hour, 3 Day and 30 Day shields can be bought in the gold store. 30 Days are relatively very expensive, 45000 gold, 20000 more expensive than 10 3 Day shields.

There are few drawbacks of shields besides the obvious that you need to make sure you renew in time. The drawbacks are in the issue that there are some exotic ways to remove the shield. These could be caused by accident, but can also be caused by infiltration of enemies during kill events. Be aware of the following: if you are r5 your shield will drop when anyone of your alliance occupies the Control Point, and there are certain titles that when granted to you will drop your shield. During (and before!) svs events your alliance should be careful about who they let in, the last thing you want is that an enemy comes in and during the ke occupies a control as part of a coordinates action by an outlander alliance to leave some players vulnerable.

Fake Rally

The fake rally is a free way to protect yourself, but has quite some restrictions. It uses the concept that commanders and troops that are ‘in a rally’ are not involved with attacks on your base, so they cannot be killed. However resources (above Warehouse capacity) will still be taken and traps will still be destroyed.

To set a rally you need to have a War Room and the capacity of your rally is limited by your War Room level (limits the total Rally capacity) and your Headquarters level (limits your deployment size). You should select the maximum Rally time, 8 hours, and as a target, especially if you think you might be away more than 8 hours, it is best to select a city at the other side of the control point forest, so that the march there and back can add another significant amount of time. It is important you select a weak opponent, in case your rally does lead to an attack (typically you will cancel it before it does) you do not want to lose any troops, and you also do not want your target to get annoyed and be able to attack you.

There are plenty of drawbacks of the fake rally, besides the limited protection it offers to begin with. The possibility of having more troops than your rally allows to protect, the vulnerability of wall traps, the limited time are a few. Also, the more active alliances during kill events like not to be distracted by fake rallies, so might forbid it. If you still do one, it might lead to you being (temporarily) kicked from your alliance, which also cancels the fake rally.


The best way to protect yourself is putting up a shield, but even that has a few loop holes. Fake rallies are nice for small players but have many drawbacks.

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