All information about the special skill 4th Attachment Slot in Mobile Strike including how it can be unlocked.
Name 4th Attachment Slot
Description Allows you to use add an Attachment to the 4th Attachment Slot when manufacturing Prototype Gear
Unlocked by 4th Attachment Manufacturing Slot 1


An overview of all buildings and research necessary to unlock 4th Attachment Slot.
Unit Stone Oil Iron Food Coin Special Items Original Time
Armory 1-9 85K 105K 210K 73K 10:38:45
Headquarters 1-14 3.62M 3.60M 1.50M 1.79M 15d 12:47:17
Hospital 1-6 18K 14K 11K 8.9K 01:32:06
Iron Mine 1-9 28K 26K 24K 11:20:60
Quarry 1-9 26K 26K 24K 09:55:60
Research Facility 1-14 1.81M 1.80M 753K 1.08M 4d 28:19:13
Trading Post 1-8 59K 80K 36K 40K 05:04:58
Training Grounds 1-9 141K 105K 79K 61K 12:46:30
Wall 1-9 353K 262K 98K 151K 14:56:30
Warehouse 1-5 7.5K 7.5K 5.7K 3.8K 00:31:00
Core Mastery Level 1 1 374K 326K 326K 336K 294K 00:24:00
Troop Load II 1-6 11.25M 4.94M 4.68M 2.26M 10.45M 1d 15:34:30
Core Mastery Level 2 1 1.31M 1.23M 896K 1.05M 1.39M 04:36:10
Gathering II 1-6 1.80M 1.59M 758K 2.88M 3.35M 1d 16:07:20
Core Mastery Level 3 1 7.25M 6.67M 5.69M 5.93M 8.08M 1d 22:49:20
Manufacturing Speed I 1-7 2.42M 4.25M 8.04M 7.75M 8.98M 4d 13:59:20
Core Mastery Level 4 1 24.73M 21.40M 17.86M 18.10M 15.58M 10 Research File 11d 19:42:50
4th Attachment Manufacturing Slot 1 34.30M 29.69M 24.77M 25.11M 21.61M 50 Research File 31d 23:26:50
Core Mastery Level 5 1 47.21M 44.21M 40.25M 42.37M 29.06M 20 Research File 36d 05:24:00
Totals 136.76M 120.32M 106.00M 109.04M 98.79M 80 Research File Building: 23d 11:53:19
Research: 90d 02:04:20

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