Each day you can complete Daily Rewards to get some resources and various goodies. Typically you will find if you actively play you already score quite some points and it will just be a little extra effort to score enough points to win the highest prize. This guide contains a description of all activities you can score points for for the daily reward prize targets.

State of Survival Daily Rewards

01/22/2020 - -

Explanation of the Daily Rewards in State of Survival. How to achieve all points and what is the benefits of the rewards.

Via the Missions menu or the Daily Rewards menu in the Events Billboard building you can access the list of Daily Rewards. Here you can see the points you can still get for each activity and where you can claim your prizes.

Sign In

Just sign in to the game. Normally you get the sign in bonus the moment you sign in. If it fails for some reason, just close and open the app, you should get the login bonus screen again if you haven't claimed it yet.

Final Hope Transmissions

Collect 3 Final Hope Transmissions. They occur at the Intel Shop.

Timer Help

Providing Helps for your alliance members (via your Assembly Point, or the Alliance - Timer Help menu) is something you always need to do anyway. If you are in a large active alliance it should be no problem to score maximum points by providing 20 Helps.


You can Donate for Alliance Tech in the Alliance - Donations menu. You should do this anyway to make your alliance stronger. Donate 20 times to score maximum points.

Dev Camps

There are many Dev Camps on the state map. Set a rally on one of them, or join a rally set by your alliance members, and win to score maximum points.

Heal Troops

Troops that you lose during battle end up in your hospital. In your Hospital building you can heal your wounded troops. Heal a total of 10 to score maximum points.

Gather Food, Wood, Metal, Gas

Gather the required amount of each resource type to score the maximum points.

Upgrade Buildingss

Upgrade any building to get maximum points. You can score maximum points by just doing one building upgrades. As long as your building upgrades do not take more than one day yet, this should be very easy.

Research Tech

You can score maximum points by just doing one research project. Just with buildings this should early on be very easy to do when timers are still small.

Train Infantry/Hunters/Riders Troops

Train the required troops of each type in the Barracks, Range and Garage to score maximum points.

Explore Trail

Explore 4 trials in the Hero Precinct building to score maximum points.

Daily Intel

Complete 3 Special Missions (accessible via the Intel Shop) to score maximum points.

Search for Heroes

Perform 5 Hero Searches via the Search menu in the Hero Precinct to score maximum points.

Combat Manuals

Use a Combat Manual to upgrade the EXP level of one of your Heroes in the Heroes menu to score maximum points.

Research Hero Gear

I haven't unlocked this yet (Headquarters lvl 16)


There are a total of 7 point targets. Once you each any of them you can claim the rewards in the Daily Rewards menu.

When reaching 40 points you get some Biocap, Healing Speedus and Governor Credits.

When reaching 80 points you get some Building, Research and Healing Speedups and Governor Credits.

When reaching 120 points you get some Chief EXP, Training and Healing Speedups, and Governor Credits.

When reaching 160 points you get some Food and Wood items, Healing Speedups and Governor Credits.

When reaching 215 points you get some Metal Items, Crafing and Healing Speedups, 2 Epic Skill Books and Governor Credits.

When reaching 270 points you get some Gas Items, Healing Speedups, 2 Advanced Search Maps, 2 Epic Hero Badges, and Governor Credits.

When reaching 325 points you get 2 Legendary Skill books, 1 Epic Search Map, 1 Legendary Hero Badge, some healing speedups, and Governor Credits.

Especially the last 3 point targets give some more rare items, and early on the resource items you get for point targets 4-6 are also quite significant compared to your resource requirements. Try to get all rewards every day to help you grow faster.


Since you do a lot of the Daily Reward activities anyway, it is good to pay attention to this. A little effort can provide you with some nice extra goodies.

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