Survival of the Fittest is a recurring weeklong event that consists of different stages. The fifth stage is called Kill Stage, it lasts 2 days instead of 1. This guide contains some tips on how to do well.

How to get Points

You get points for killing other player's troops. The higher the troop tier, the more points.


During this stage it pays off to have a well developed account, lots of troops from a high tier and great army boosts via heroes, research, chief gear etc. The better you have developed your account, the better you will do in battle, meaning more possible targets, more kills.


Put on a peace flare when not online during this event. You don't want to give others easy points and more important, you want to protect your own troops so you can go out and score points later.

Be selective about which targets you hit. It is perfectly fine to select much weaker targets and this is preferred over opponents just marginally weaker than you are. The bigger the difference in strength, the less casualties you take, the more opponents you can hit, the more points you can score.

It is ok to hit people on resource tiles during this event. This is often in states frowned upon when done during peace time, but during kill stages it is typically ok and a good way to accumulate points in an easy manner.

Considering rallying if a potential target is too strong to solo attack.

Go out early in the stage so there are still many targets. The event last 2 days, and there are plenty of players who start healing as soon as they are hit, or players who only have a peace flare for the first day of the event, so don't despair if you cannot accumulate points early on.

Competing with Big Spenders

It is possible to compete with big spenders for leaderboard on this stage, although difficult. The big spenders can hit a lot more targets than you can, you have to be picky and spend more time finding right targets across the map.

It shouldn't be too difficult to get enough points to win all point target rewards.


I hope these tips make it easy to do well during the Kill Stage of the Survival of the Fittest event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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