This article gives an explanation of the Night Siege event that was introduced in update 2.5.0 in Guns of Glory.

Guns of Glory Update v2.5.0 Changes

12/12/2018 - -

Explanation of the new and changed features in Guns of Glory v2.5.0 such as Cabinet of Cariosities, Night Siege, Svant Gemstones, Chrismas Bell Event, and Batch Donation for Bounty.


The Night Siege event can be activated by R4 or R5 in the Event Center. Each reset it can be activated 3 times. Once activated players can join via the Event Center. It is played in a special map, a bit like Royal Expeditions, so location of your account is not important.

During the Event you need to protect the Underworld Gates in the middle from waves of Creatures. This can be done by occupying the 5 fortresses located around the Underworld Gate.

There are waves of attacks of Creatures. During each wave each of the 5 fortresses will be attacked by Creatures. Any Creature that is not beaten by your defending troops will go on to deal damage to the Underworld Gate.

Once the Underworld Gate has 0% health remaining you have failed the event.

Each wave the Creatures will get stronger.

There are a total of 30 waves, if after 30 waves your Underworld Gate still has some health remaining, you have won the Night Siege.

There are six difficulty levels, once you have beaten easy, you can next time try the next difficulty level.

You can plan in the Night Siege ahead of time, but this is purely a administrative feature, the Night siege in the end still has to be activated.

Battle Mechanics

For this event the combat boosts and March capacity are taken from the participating players, but the troops are provided by the game. I am not sure you need a free march to join, but I don't think so.

When a wave is announced you will see the number of Creatures in the wave above the troops, e.g. Remaining Creatures: 6.

Each player defending a fortress only defends against one Creature each wave, so if you have less players than Creatures, there will always be some Creatures getting through to do damage to the Underworld Gate, no matter how strong your defending troops are.

If a player is unable to beat a Creature completely, the remaining part goes on to the next defender (in order of strength). The strongest player is the first who does battle and after that in order of diminishing strength.

During one wave you can move your troops between different fortresses, and this way they can attack different Creatures during one round.

Different Creatures for different Fortresses

There are different type of Creatures. They go from strong to weak and from slow to fast. Fortress 1 gets slow and strong Creatures, fortress 2 and 3 medium speed and strength, and fortress 4 and 5 get relatively weak and fast Creatures.

The amount of attacking Creatures is also not the same for each fortress and even for the same fortress not the same each wave. As far as I have seen and recall fortress 1 always gets 2 Creatures, fortress 2 gets always gets 4, fortress 3 gets 4 or 5, fortress 4 either 6 or 7 Creatures and fortress 5 6, 7 or 8 Creatures.


Most important thing is just to have a lot of accounts. They don't have to be very strong to reach far, my farm accounts have combat boosts of around 200% and they were able to beat waves in the fortresses 4 and 5 until the last waves. Even a lot of weaker accounts can be very useful.

It's good to monitor performance and learn how accounts perform. Ideally you have a number of accounts that you don't need to move that will perform well until the highest waves.

It is possible to move between fortresses during one wave. We are typically moving several accounts between fortress 1 and fortresses 4 and between fortress 1 and fortress 5 (I think these are the only possible moves within one wave). This allows you to still prevent damage if you don't have enough accounts.

It might be good to assign leaders for each fortress who make sure they have enough accounts in there, it will be difficult for one person to monitor and communicate on all fortresses. Especially at the later stage when it will be for example necessary to have 1 or 2 more accounts in a fortress than the attacking Creatures.

Bonus Creatures

So now and then Bonus Creatures appear on the map. I don't think there are fixed rounds and locations for that, but when they come there is an indicator at the left top. These need to be killed for bonus rewards. Everyone participating in the event gets the bonus rewards, so it is not important who kills them.

It might be best to make rules for who will kill the bonus Creatures when they appear, e.g. an army in a nearby fort that does not move between fortresses. One of our runs 4 armies jumped on it (while the first one killed it) and some of them were not in time to reinforce a fortress causing us to take damage.


All rewards both for the total points (depending on the damage done) and the bonus Creatures slain are related to the Curiosities. Surprisingly there seemed to be no significant difference in rewards between one attempt where we stranded in wave 29 and another attempt where we won. It is all about points, and you might even already have enough points before beating the last waves. Keep this in mind, this makes it quite different from Underworld Gates where you need to win to get Victory Rewards, for Night Siege it is typically better to go for the most difficult Siege and fail in the last wave compared to completing a lower level successfully.


The event seems to be quite original, and not really focussed on big spenders because having many accounts is very important as well, arguable more important than having strong accounts. That is the nice part, the not nice parts are that it is initially quite complicated and as always the in game documentations falls short. Besides that there are a huge amount of waves and once you have played this a few times it will get tedious: if you don't have enough strong accounts you need to be monitoring all the time and moving troops around. It will likely be more difficult to find enough players once players start to experience this as repetitive and tedious.

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