The Honor Challenge is a recurring event in Misty Continent: Cursed Island during which you can get various rewards by doing one time and daily recurring challenges.


This event last about 2-4 weeks during which you get points for many of the activities you typically do anyway, these points count towards milestones that provide you extra rewards. There are Daily Challenges which refresh each day and Elite Challenges that do not refresh during the event.

Daily Challenge Activities

For Donating up to 48 times a day you get points. This should not be a problem at all to achieve.

For 5 Alliance Helps you get points, this should not be a problem in any active alliance.

You also get points for 5 trades in the Market Stall. This should also not be an issue. Refresh the exchange list a few times if there is nothing interesting.

You get points for gathering resources, the 100,000 for maximum points shouldn't be any issue. Gathering in alliance resource buildings counts as well, and the amounts are based on Food/Magic Crystal requirement, the points you accumulate for amounts of Stone and Silver you gather are based on the normal point factors (amount of Stone times 5, amount of Silver times 20).

For using up to 500 Lord Stamine you get points as well. This is one full stamina bar, so should not be an issue at all.

Spending 150 Creation Stamina should also be easy to do.

For a total power gain of 40,000 for training troops you get points divided over 4 milestones. This can be achieved very easily as well.

Using 600 minutes of Speedups also provides points, and although it is not that much, you might deplete your speedups if you do it daily, and I don't think you need it to get all rewards for the event.

Gathering Crystals in the Abyssal Mines for 360 minutes a day also provides an easy opportunity to get some points. The necessary building only unlocks at Stronghold 16, but I assume once that is reached, the 6 hours of crystal gathering is easy.

Opening 6 Alliance Chests a day is also easy in an active alliance.

Note: The numbers I indicate are for my stronghold 14 account, they might be different depending on stronghold level.

Elite Challenge Acitivities

Attacking the Earthern Titan 10 times should be easy to do.

Joining 2 Ancient Gate Challenges is relatively easy, assuming it also counts when you just donate once and don&39;t actually join a rally. Otherwise it depends on whether the Ancient Gate is opened at a suitable time for you.


The Free Pass rewards are a mix of resources, speed ups, hero exp, basic battle scroll, recruitment banner, alliance teleport, crimson gold, VIP points and peace shield.

There are also incentive chests and incentive keys. You need an incentive key to open incentive chests, to get more incentive keys you need to spend money.

You can also spend to upgrade the Pass, this unlocks a new row of better rewards.

Be sure to use the free Incentive Key before the event ends, otherwise it will be changed into a Musketeer's Challenger Key.

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